CODESP is a self-supporting consortium of over 500* public school districts, charter schools and college districts. We also provide services to other public agencies and afterschool programs through our subscriber program. CODESP was formed over thirty five years ago to provide a more effective and efficient central resource to develop test materials needed to hire public employees.

By utilizing CODESP services, agencies improve their selection procedures so that they can develop valid employee test instruments to meet Federal and state employment regulations. CODESP’s test materials allow agencies to determine the KSAs and competency levels of applicants required for success on the job prior to hiring them. This saves money by maximizing the potential to hire qualified employees who are capable of performing the essential functions of the job.

* Includes school districts with an ADA of 1,000 or less that receive free services through their county office of education's membership.

Products and Services

Frequently Asked Questions About CODESP:

Frequently Asked Questions About CODESP
Click on the hyperlink above to find answers to questions you may have about CODESP and our Products and Services. To become a customer or learn more about CODESP registration, click on Join CODESP on the blue toolbar. Included under Join CODESP are registration instructions and a Fee Schedule. CODESP public educational agencies include schools, charters/ROPs and college districts. CODESP's public agency subscribers include, cities, counties, courts, utilities, transit and special districts. Afterschool programs also can qualify as a customer. If you need more assistance or would like to become a customer give us a call at 714-374-8644 or email codesp@codesp.com. New customers go to Resources or Tutorials / New Customer information

CODESP Board of Directors:

2023-2024 Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is comprised of ten human resource professionals who are employed in our member agencies. They are elected for three year terms by the membership. Nine Board members are elected by all member agencies and one is elected by community college district members. To view the current list of board members click on the link above.

Test Materials and Other Services:

Blue Toolbar Guide to Products and Services
Test Materials (non Multiple-Choice), Resources, Training, Links and Tutorials are available from the blue toolbar. Non-customers can only view a portion of these areas. The Test Material area contains sample Supplemental Application Forms, Performance Tests and Writing Exercises. Interviews are available from the Interview Builder in the left margin after login An online Interview Builder is available in the left margin of the website after login. There are over 11,000 questions in the interview bank searchable by job family, job level and competency. These areas are accessible ONLY with a login name and password. Multiple-choice items are sent through our CATS system directly to customer CODESP websites after they submit a CATS Request Form. There are currently 33,000 M/C items in the bank. Links provides easy access to HR related websites and our Webinar Archives-on-demand training. Access to test preparation materials is available without log-in under Links-Test Preparation. Tutorials are available on a variety of subjects.

Instructional Aide - Test Materials:

Instructional Aide - Paraprofessional Test Content Summary
CODESP offers Instructional Aide - Paraprofessional assessment materials which can be modified to fit individual district needs. An outline of its content is available by clicking on the hyperlink above. Members can choose from items in three versions. A tutorial is also available to candidates from member districts. Candidates can also visit third-party sites under Links to take practice tests or to study. Go to the blue toolbar and click on Links and scroll down to Test Practice-Study Materials and click on the subject areas. General test materials are listed in this area along with Math and English / Language Arts. Always have a subject matter expert review the CODESP test materials sent to your district's HR office per a CATS Request Form prior to using. The final choice of test items is the district's responsibility.

Training-Webinars and Archives:

Training- Webinars & On-Site Training
List of webinars available to customers who miss our live presentations. Customers can view our webinars on-demand by visiting our Webinar Archive area under Links (must login first). At least 10 free webinars are provided each year. A certificate can be earned by customers who complete the series of webinars psoted under Links/Webinar Archives-Selection Academy. On-site training is also provided on many HR related topics.Check out the Training tab on the blue toolbar.