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CODESP is a self-supporting Joint Powers Agency and consortium of public school districts, charter schools and college districts. We also provide services to other public agencies and afterschool programs through our subscriber program. CODESP was formed over thirty five years ago to provide a more effective and efficient central resource to develop test materials needed to hire public employees.

By utilizing CODESP services, agencies improve their selection procedures so that they can develop valid employee test instruments to meet Federal and state employment regulations.

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By becoming a CODESP customer public agencies can maximize staff resources by using our CODESP Automated Test System (CATS). The online test item bank includes multiple choice questions in a variety of education and public agency subject areas. Tests can be generated in paper or online format directly from a customer’s desktop.

Other test products include the Online Interview Builder which allows customers to select interviews by job level, job family and/or competency. CODESP also provides performance, writing and simulation exercises and supplemental application forms.

Free webinars on HR topics are provided and archived for on-demand viewing. Live training is also provided.


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•  CODESP Products and Services - 10/18/2016  -  San Joaquin County Office of Education
•  IPAC Conference - 7/31/2016  -  Holiday Inn - Capitol Plaza-Sacramento


Excerpts from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
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