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Our strategy is based on three important principles — quality, cost savings and effectiveness. We offer a wide selection of test materials so our clients can customize their selection tools to hire superior employees. Joining CODESP is an investment that will benefit your organization for many years to come.

We aren't a profit-minded private sector company. CODESP is a public sector joint powers agency which understands what other public agencies need. Frequent updates to our test material banks, no test rental fees, and allowing our customers to make the final selection are what makes us unique. Additionally, we offer free HR webinar training programs.

With a staff of HR and industrial/organizational psychology professionals, and easy-to-use online software tools, CODESP can take the employee selection burden away from your staff. Let us help your agency hire the best!!!

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By becoming a CODESP customer public agencies can maximize staff resources by using our CODESP Automated Test System (CATS). The online test item bank includes multiple choice questions in a variety of education and public agency subject areas. Tests can be generated in paper or online format directly from a customer’s desktop.

Other test products include the Online Interview Builder which allows customers to select interviews by job level, job family and/or competency. CODESP also provides performance, writing and simulation exercises and supplemental application forms.

Free webinars on HR topics are provided and archived for on-demand viewing. Live training is also provided.


 Training \ Conferences
•  Interview Builder Basics - 8/30/2017  -  Webinar at your Computer
•  WRIPAC Fall Meeting and Pre-Meeting Training - 10/11/2017  -  El Dorado Resort Casino, Reno
•  SPCA Northern California - 10/13/2017  -  Santa Clara County Office of Education, San Jose
•  ACHRO-EEO California Community Colleges - 10/17/2017  -  Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove


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