Before you register, go to Join CODESP located on the blue toolbar and click on either Public-School and College Districts or Public-City, County, Court, Utility, Transit and Special Districts and read the registration instructions. If you are a previous CODESP customer, or you are not sure, contact us PRIOR to registering. An invoice will be sent to you upon registration. If you require one prior to registering, contact us. All registration questions should be directed to

If your agency is in the middle of a registration, click here to continue.

Agencies that wish to take advantage of CODESP's services must complete the following requirements:

  • CODESP Registration Form
  • CODESP Service Agreement
  • CODESP Security Agreement
  • Purchase order or check for the full amount of the fee 1

If paying by purchase order, a check should follow within 45 days of start of service.

Click Here to Register For Full Year
Service begins on July 1 and expires on June 30 each year and can be renewed annually. Check the posted fee schedule
Click Here to Register For Mid Year
Service begins on January 1 and expires on June 30 each year and requires an additional full-year commitment the following year. Check the posted fee schedule

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email.

School districts with an ADA less than 1,000 do not need submit payment as long as their County Office is registered with CODESP.