While the remote or un-proctored use of our regular multiple-choice items is strictly prohibited by our member service and security agreements, we have developed the following packets of alternate multiple-choice items for remote/third-party use to meet your needs at no extra cost.

Please note that we are working as quickly as we can to develop alternate items and we are focusing our efforts on the more commonly requested entry level packets at this time. If you do not see what you need below, before submitting a request, we ask that you first email us at tests@codesp.com, to see if we can put something together with what we have or we can develop something.

If you are interested in the alternate item packets for any of the following positions, please submit a request using the CATS Request Form and make a note that it is for an Alternate packet. Please make sure to include a job description and any necessary additional information, as noted below:

• Accounting Clerk
• Administrative/Executive Assistant, Secretary*
• Career - Guidance Clerk
• Custodian
• Food Service Assistant – Please indicate if you will need cashiering or other math items
• Food Service Cashier
• Groundskeeper
• Health Clerk
• Instructional Aide / Paraprofessional (ESSA/NCLB compliant) - Please indicate if you need entry-level Special Education items
• Library Clerk
• Office Assistant – Please include a job description the types of items you would like from the following categories:
o The type of English (Spelling, Capitalization, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, or other)
o The type of Office (Alpha Filing, Numerical Filing, Attention to Detail, Reading Comp, etc.)
o The type of Software (Word, Excel, Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, GMail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and/or Google Forms)
• Payroll Clerk
• Student Records-Assessment Clerk
• Student Records-Attendance Clerk
• Student Records-Enrollment Clerk
• Warehouse Worker

*If you are in need of an Administrative Assistant, Secretarial, or Executive Assistant packet, please note that we will send the general clerical packet listed above, but will add additional items such as travel expense policies, reading comp, mileage claim forms, purchasing supplies, expenditure codes, and scheduling. Please note that the difficulty level will not be increased. The idea is that the alternate packet will be a screening mechanism, and that additional test components would be given for higher level skills and knowledge.

We are in the process of creating the following packets but note that these may take up to several weeks to complete. You can still submit a request and we will send to you when completed (not listed in priority order):

• Computer Assistant
• Crossing Guard
• Human Resources Clerk
• Transportation Assistant

This alert will be updated as new packets are added.

To see the original announcement with additional information, please click the link below.

More info: conta.cc/31uQX1h