Potential CODESP Service Outage

Potential CODESP Service Outage

There is a power outage scheduled to begin today in the Bay Area of California that is anticipated to potentially last through the remainder of the week. The servers that host our website and online testing are located in the Bay Area, but our understanding is that the outage WILL NOT be impacting CODESP and our customers. However, we still would like to provide you with advanced notice should the outage affect our website and services.

While the outage is not expected to affect our website and services, we still strongly recommend you create/download any test materials you think you may need for the remainder of the week, should the outage take an unanticipated turn. We are notifying you of this now to make sure that you have some time to prepare, in case there is no access to our services. The outage is expected to begin today, October 9th, at noon. We also recommend that you download paper versions of any planned online tests that may be scheduled for this time period.

If the outage unexpectedly impacts our servers, please note that this may set back our efforts to fill requests that are due during and in the days following the outage, resulting in possible delays of a few days. Be assured we will do our very best to deliver your test materials as quickly as possible.

If we receive confirmation that the outage will affect our website and services, we will notify all customers immediately.

Please email codesp@codesp.com or call us at (714) 374-8644 if you have any questions.