New M/C Questions

New M/C Question Development

CODESP will develop new test materials whenever feasible and if the following terms are met:
* A job expert is provided by the customer to assist CODESP staff in the development and edit of the new materials.
*The customer provides technical documents/manuals for test development when they are not readily available to CODESP.
* The customer provides at least 15 business days for development, review and edits of new test materials. The 15 days begins after the job expert and technical materials are provided to CODESP.
* CODESP maintains final edit approval on test materials entered into the CATS system.

CODESP will not:
* Recreate state licensure examinations.
* Enter copyrighted materials into our item bank.
* Create test materials for sworn police or fire personnel.
* Create test materials for positions where the type of assessment requested is inappropriate