Interview Builder

Interview Builder Security

For security reasons we have changed the maximum number of interview questions that can be added at one time to 50. Existing interviews with over 50 questions will remain the same. Customer created questions cannot be added to new interviews with 50 questions, but they will still be saved under Agency Questions. If you have questions, contact

CODESP Interview Builder:
Interview questions can be selected by Competency, Job Family, and/or Job Level. The Builder contains a software program that uses an easy-to-use “shopping cart” system. There are approximately 11,000 interview questions to choose from. Customers can add their own questions, which are stored in their Agency Question bank. These questions are not shared with any other agency. Probes can easily be added to any question.

Customers select questions based on the minimum qualifications for each position. Since there is a large variety of questions, job experts can select from the narrowed down group of questions selected by their HR department. Local validation is required.