CODESP Remote Online Testing Activation


Since mid-2020 CODESP has been offering specially developed multiple-choice items for use in a remote and unproctored testing environment. We are now proud to offer our new Remote Online Testing system.

Our new Remote Online Testing system will allow you to:
• Test candidates anywhere and at any time
• Inform candidates quickly and easily with built-in email notification system
• Verify candidate identity with webcam photos taken before and during the test
• Add an initial screening testing step to your recruitment to reduce large candidate pools and save staff time testing large groups in-person. (Remote testing items are considered entry-level for most positions.)
• Test candidates remotely while keeping your in-person test materials confidential. (All standard test materials are still only allowed to be used for in-person testing under the CODESP Security Agreement.)

We are pleased to offer this new system at NO COST for existing members and subscribers with in-person Online Testing enabled.

If you are a customer and would like to activate the system, please review the Activation & Video Tutorial available under Tutorials > Online Testing from the top menu after logging in. To simply get a better idea of how this new system works, take a look at the Remote Online Testing Tutorial available in the same place!

If you are not a current customer, reach out to us at to setup a demo!

If you are interested in receiving materials for remote testing, please contact us at to ensure you have the information needed to activate the system. After activation, you may submit a Remote Request using the CATS Request Form.

Please note that while the materials for remote testing are a bit more limited than our standard item bank of in-person testing, each request is still handled personally and customized to best fit your specific job description. Accordingly, we do ask for up to ten (10) business days and for agencies to only submit requests for materials they plan to use in the near future.

Please refer to our separate “Remote Testing Materials” alert on our home page for a listing of test packets currently available for remote testing use.

More info: